Crossing the River Douro

Day [7]


The Northern Route’s seventh stage begins in Porto at the Cathedral, and ends in Lourosa at the Chapel of St. Michael (also known as the Chapel of the Feira dos Dez) in Largo da Feira dos Dez. This stage is 23 km long, and it can be completed in 6hrs and 30mins. There are barely any difficulties along the way and the altitudes range from 2 to 238 metres; it is an easy level of difficulty. The landscape covered is a diverse one. At the start it is predominantly an urban landscape, whereby attention and care must be paid to ensure a pleasant day’s walking

 Over the course of the day, the Route crosses the River Douro and passes through the Municipalities of Porto, Gaia and Santa Maria de Feira, which form part of the Metropolitan Area of Porto. Throughout this stage logistical support is available for walkers and pilgrims.

There are numerous views of striking natural beauty to prompt contemplation. The landscape along the River Dourois unforgettable, while crossing the Negrelos Mountains is invigorating. The cultural heritage includes monuments and museums that attest to the value of history and contemporary developments. In order to visit them we recommend you plan your day so as to allow time for a break to explore and enjoy the sights. You can also divide the day into two parts with Grijó as the midway point.